Desire Collins – Porn cock for Desire

Porn cock for Desire

Porn cock for Desire

Today, 55-year-old Desire Collins is going to fuck 22-year-old James. That sounded like fun to Desire, who's not a nudist or a swinger and had never fucked on-camera until her first time with And now she's fucked two guys on-camera. She enjoyed herself.

"There was something about the way they filled me up," Desire said. "Maybe it's because their cocks were so damn big, some of the biggest I've ever had in my life, but I came like an earthquake a couple of times. It'd been a while since I'd had orgasms like that. I'm addicted now! It was just very good. You know, I hope I see those two guys again. They were just very sweet."

Sweet? If she says so. Desire has always worked professional jobs like being a merchant marine staff officer, travel agent and saleswoman.

"I was a workaholic for a long time. I had to support my child until he was old enough to go out on his own."

Now that Desire has an empty nest, she's catching up on all the fucking she missed in her younger years.

"I'm having a bit more sex these days, and it's nice. Having more free time and being able to fuck whoever I want to makes me feel young, like I'm finally enjoying the youth I missed out on!"

And she's doing her catching up at Works for us.

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Olivia Lovely – Sexual Prowess Cums With Age

Sexual Prowess Cums With Age

Sexual Prowess Cums With Age

It's not too often--never, in fact--that a 20-year-old girl shows up at, but here's Olivia, and there's a reason she's here. You see, her boyfriend has been pushing her to have sex. But she's a virgin. So she asks 44-year-old Diandra for some advice.

Now, Diandra has a hands-on approach to teaching. She believes in the old writer's adage, "show, but don't." So she invites Olivia to come over later so she and her hubby can give Olivia some pointers.

One of those pointers is Diandra's hubby's cock. It fucks Olivia and Diandra.

Now, you won't be surprised at all that Diandra is the hotter fuck in this scene. Poor Olivia. She doesn't stand a chance against a hot, sexy, mature woman like Diandra. But there's hope for her yet.

After all, one day, Olivia will be 44 years old, too.

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Kianna Dior – Hootered Hair Un-Dresser

Hootered Hair Un-Dresser

Hootered Hair Un-Dresser

You're due for a trim because your hair is looking like a man-fro. So you head over to your usual barbershop but it's closed. You drive around and find a new place closer to your house and decide it can't hurt to check it out. You walk in and are immediately skeptical. It looks a little too girly for your taste. Just as you are about to walk out, your hairdresser walks out. She's a stacked Asian hottie who asks you if you want a cut and blow. A what? A blow? Surely she means a blow dry, right? Nope, she means a blow job, buddy. You see, this is Kianna Dior's shop and she loves to break in her new customers by fucking the shit out of them right in the stylist's chair. And she is a spitter. No, not the kind of chick that acts like she is allergic to your spunk. She is the kind of girl who likes to spit so she can give you an even sloppier blow job. Believe us, you'll never get a better haircut or tit job in your life. So next time you need just a little off the top, maybe you want to head to Kianna's for a little pop shot, too.

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Phoenix Skye – Phoenix’s ass gets its fill

Phoenix's ass gets its fill

Phoenix's ass gets its fill

Back home in Texas, 64-year-old Phoenix Skye lives on a ranch and enjoys riding horses. When she comes to the studio, Phoenix gets really raunchy and enjoys riding hung studs. Here, she's riding two of them...and using all of her holes to get them off. Her mouth. Her pussy. And her asshole. She's a horny boss who knows how to treat her co-workers. "I was completely vanilla until I turned 57 years old, and that's when I discovered that I had missed out on my 30s, 40s and 50s and decided I was going to make some changes. And here I am!" Phoenix told us. Phoenix once told us that she needed to get ass-fucked more often. And we're doing everything we can to help.

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Brynn Hunter – Watch Her Then Fuck Her

Watch Her Then Fuck Her

Watch Her Then Fuck Her

Who's that man behind the curtain? It's our stud Tony, and he's watching long, tall, blonde Brynn Hunter as she plays with her firm, perky tits and rubs her pussy. Well, a guy can only have so much self-control, so before long, Tony steps out from behind the curtain, and away we go! Yes, Brynn is ready. She's always ready.

"I like a lot of sex frequently," said this 45-year-old divorcee and mom from California. "Once a week doesn't cut it for me."

Brynn once had sex with a guy who was 20 years younger than her. She's into all kinds of sex, including anal, but she saves her tight, little ass for her boyfriends. Her fantasy is to fuck on a warm, sandy beach in the Caribbean, and when no guy is around, she enjoys fucking herself with toys.

Fortunately for Brynn, this time, there is a guy around. And we get to watch.

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Lori Suarez – Lori’s black-cock creampie

Lori's black-cock creampie

Lori's black-cock creampie

Lori Suarez is a 51-year-old wife from Miami, Florida, and her body was built to take a pounding from big, black cocks. Her huge ass offers lots of cushion for even the hardest drilling. "I love to be fucked hard," she said. "Going slow is okay every once in a while, but I prefer to get a pounding. I love it when a man has his way with me and thrusts into me with everything he's got. Guys also love to fuck me hard, especially from behind. It's because they like to see how much my big ass jiggles."
Here, Lori's old, pink cunt gets a creampie from a big, black cock. "Black cocks give some of the biggest loads," she said. "It's the best kind to watch ooze out of your pussy. That's why I like it when they shoot their load inside me."
Another reason Lori likes squeezing big loads out of her pussy is because it means she properly milked that cock. The hotter the fucking, the bigger the load. The one Lucas gives Lori is definitely a pussyful. "As I squeezed his cum out, it felt like it was never going to end, and in a way I didn't want it to," she said. "I felt really good knowing that the sex was so hot, he completely emptied his balls inside of me."
You deserve to feel good about it, Lori. And right now, thousands of men are emptying their balls just for you. Congratulations!

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Kacee Harley – Ass-Worshipped, Ass-Fucked

Ass-Worshipped, Ass-Fucked

Ass-Worshipped, Ass-Fucked

When this scene opens, 24-year-old Rocky is worshipping 45-year-old Kacee's ass. Kacee is wearing an orange, see-through top. She has blonde hair. Rocky makes her ass jiggle.

"Like that ass?" she asks. "C'mon, kiss it. Give it a kiss."

The ass worship goes on for almost five minutes. He eats her asshole. He fingers her asshole. Finally, he gets around to her pussy and eats it for a few minutes. This is impressive stuff: Kacee doesn't get the cock into her mouth until 7:45, which shows you how much this stud enjoyed her lower region. But once she starts sucking, she does so loudly. No dry mouth for Kacee! She gets his cock wet and hard so it can fuck her pussy deep.

And her ass, too. You didn't think there'd be all that ass worship without a payoff in the end, did you? No fuckin' way!

Kacee is married. She has children back home in Missouri. She has fantasies about getting DP'd.

In that case, Kacee, please come back to

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Cheyanne – Cheyanne would like you to jack off to this video

Cheyanne would like you to jack off to this video

Cheyanne would like you to jack off to this video

"What's the wildest thing you've ever done sexually?" we asked Cheyanne, a 53-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Oklahoma. "This is probably it," she said. In this scene, her second video at, Cheyanne is fucking a guy who's only 24." Sometimes I go a long while without fucking," said Cheyanne, whose husband travels a lot on business. "Sometimes men are so surprised I can still tighten up like a virgin that they think I still am one!"
Rocky, her fuck partner in this scene, didn't think she was a virgin. He knew better than that. "But she was almost as tight as one," the lucky bastard reported. In this scene, Cheyanne is a businesswoman working at her desk after-hours. We get closeups of her nicely wrinkled face and hands. She unbuttons her top and fondles her nice tits. She's wearing glasses. She pinches her nipples then reaches down and rubs her pussy under her pantyhose. She moans. Is this the way a woman is supposed to behave in an office setting? Hey, why not? It's after-hours. Nobody's in the building. Then again.... As Cheyanne pinches her nipples harder and rubs her pussy faster, she's brought back to reality by...the cleaning man, of course. That's who'd be in the building after-hours. But Cheyanne doesn't mind. She gets up from behind her desk without bothering to pull down her skirt or cover her tits. "Come over here," she says. "I need you to help me."
She grabs his crotch. She takes his cock out. "Let me see if this is what I need," she says. It is, so she sucks it. Then she fucks it. Then he cums in her mouth. The difference between the two? Twenty-nine years. And that's what is all about.

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Brittney Snow – On Your Knees, Brittney!

On Your Knees, Brittney!

On Your Knees, Brittney!

"My most recent fling was with a much-younger man," said Brittney Snow, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom. "I post a lot of photos online, and I get off on hearing responses. Well, this guy saw my photos and commented about what he would do to me, so I gave him my number and he came over. We massaged each other with oil. It started with light rubbing, but ended with us using the oil for hardcore fucking!"

But that's nothing compared to this scene, in which big-titted, blonde Brittney gets used as a sex toy by Tony, an experienced porn stud who knows how to treat a hot, horny MILF like Brittney.

"He really fucked my hot pussy!" Brittney said when the sex was over and she'd licked the last drop of cum off her fingers. "I don't think I've ever been fucked like that."

Glad to hear it, Brittney. We aim to please.

Brittney used to be in accounting. Now she strips and gives sensual body rubs. Is there a happy ending to that story? What do you think?

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Angelique DuBois – What a 60PlusMILF wants

What a 60PlusMILF wants

What a 60PlusMILF wants

Angelique DuBois is not the kind of woman who makes a guy wait for what he wants. That's because what she wants is what he wants: sex! She told us the story of a man she'd met for the first time."He had me blindfold myself, and I was on my knees on the floor and spreading for him," Angelique said. "We had the best sex, and I had yet to see his face!"
From this, are we to assume that Angelique doesn't care what a guy looks like as long as he can satisfy her in bed?
"I guess you could say that," said 61-year-old Angelique. "I am attracted to a man's essence and sexual aura. This is immediate for me and must be present from the beginning."
In other words, don't try to wine and dine Angelique, who's single and has three children and one grandchild. If she wants you, you'll know it right away. "I am submissive, so I love fetishes that involve a dominant man who controls me," she said. In this scene, Angelique is a school principal who fucks one of the teachers. Is that the kind of thing she'd do?
"I've never been a teacher, but why not?" she said. "I'll do anything once."
Or twice. This is her second video at

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Brooke Tyler – What Do You Give A Horny MILF? A Hard Cock!

What Do You Give A Horny MILF? A Hard Cock!

What Do You Give A Horny MILF? A Hard Cock!

When this scene opens, 46-year-old MILF Brooke Tyler is playing with herself. We could say she's dressed, but that would be an overstatement. There is a leopard-skin print dress on her body, but her big, firm, fake tits are out and so is her pussy. She's playing with that pussy.

"Now I need a real cock," Brooke says as she spreads her legs further and slaps her pink cunt.

"A nice, big, hard cock would feel good," she says.

Brooke asks. delivers!

She licks her sticky pussy juices off her fingers. Her stud shows up. He sucks her tits. He eats her pussy.

"Do you have something for me?" Brooke asks.

Of course he does. She sucks his cock. She lowers her shaved pussy down onto his stiff rod and gyrates on top of it. She takes a deep, hard fucking that turns her cunt inside-out. She jacks him off onto her tits and face.

Very simple. Very jackable. No plot. Just Brooke Tyler in action. Works for us.

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Raven Flight – Raven makes a porno

Raven makes a porno

Raven makes a porno

Raven Flight, a 57-year-old wife and mom from Colorado, starts out the new year in style by fucking a guy who's 28 years younger than her. "My New Year's resolution is to have sex with an even-younger guy," Raven said. And we're going to make sure that happens. Raven, who has a hairy pussy, big tits and nice nipples, took a long path to "I went to college for corrections and was a juvenile probation agent for six years in Minnesota, then I quit to pursue a lifelong dream of having a horse stable and training horses," Raven said. "I did that for 10 years then moved to Colorado. In Colorado, I started a new career path and got my license to drive school buses. Within two years, I had been promoted to general manager of the bus company."
And she didn't have to suck or fuck a single boss to get there!
And guess who else--besides you, of course--is going to be getting off on this video?
"I am!" Raven said. "I love to watch videos of me with my lovers and relive the sensual sensations I experienced when making the video. I like to rub my hands all over my body. I think I have soft skin, and I enjoy the sensation under my hands. As I get more excited, I will rub my clit and lick my fingers to taste my own cum. Then I'll insert a couple of fingers inside myself while thinking of the big cock I am watching until I climax all over my hand."
Sounds complicated. We're just gonna reach down and yank until something spews.

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Dee Delmar – Dee Gets What She Came For and Cums From What She Gets

Dee Gets What She Came For and Cums From What She Gets

Dee Gets What She Came For and Cums From What She Gets

"I love big, black cocks," Dee Delmar said when she came to our studio for the first time. "It's one of the main reasons I love being an amateur porn star, so I can get plenty of big, black cocks."

Dee didn't get a big, black cock the first time she was here. She got a big, Latin cock. But this time...

"This is what I wanted!" Dee said, not flinching a bit when she saw the size of Jason's cock. This is going to be one of the biggest ones I've ever fucked!"

She got to fuck it twice, one for the photos and again for this video.

"Lucky me!" Dee said.

It had nothing to do with luck. It had to do with being a wild, sexy, 48-year-old redhead from Florida with a killer body (36D-28-34), big tits and a voracious sexual appetite.

How often does Dee have sex?

"As often as I can!"

Her kinkiest sexual encounter?

"Bent over a Jeep in a campground," she said.

There's more than one jeep. But there's only one Dee Delmar.

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