Madison Paige – Anal on demand

Anal on demand

Anal on demand

When we asked 46-year-old first-timer Madison Paige what she wants to do that she's never done, she said, "Climb a waterfall." We're not exactly sure how that's done, but we're sure Madison will find a way. Will she get wet doing it? Of course. Madison is always wet.

When we asked Madison what she wanted to do when she visited our studio, she said, "Get ass-fucked by one of your studs."

We definitely found a way to make that happen. As it turned out, Madison did anal both days she was in our studio. The second day, she took a big, black cock up her tight ass, but that's a story for another day.

Madison is divorced. She was born in Rhode Island and lives in Florida. She has big tits and three piercings on her pussy. Two decorate her cunt lips. The other decorates her clit, so if you go down on Madison, there'll be no doubt about where you're supposed to stick your tongue.

Of course, you could tongue her asshole if you'd like. She'd be fine with that.

Madison enjoys billiards, boating, riding motorcycles, gardening in the nude, shopping and getting fucked in her ass. Not in that order.

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Kim Anh – Kim Anh and the ancient practice of sucking and fucking

Kim Anh and the ancient practice of sucking and fucking

Kim Anh and the ancient practice of sucking and fucking

"I've always been adventurous. I always tried to move above and beyond my comfort zone," said 63-year-old Kim Anh, who in this scene tries to move JMac beyond his comfort zone. "That's how I like to live."

Kim is going to teach JMac secret Asian sex techniques. That's fine with him as long as he's going to get his cock sucked and fucked, which he will.

Kim was born in Thailand. She lives in the United States. Before she came to our studio, the most-adventurous thing she'd ever done was hike to the base camp of Mt. Everest. With us, she's been ass-fucked several times and had anal threesomes with two guys and a BGG threesome. Soon, she's going to share a cock with Rita Daniels. They're both going to take it up their asses.

But let's stay focused on the present. Our present hard-ons are all we have.

Kim speaks English, Thai, Vietnamese, French and Japanese. She often walks around with Ben Wa balls in her pussy.

"I do that when I do aerobics, which is three to five times a week," Kim said. "The balls stimulate the internal organs for a woman. It's like doing Kegels. It helps to keep your vitalities. It's absolutely enjoyable."

You have to love a 60something woman who takes such good care of her cunt.

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Natalie Lorenz – The first time is the deepest

The first time is the deepest

The first time is the deepest

In her very first hardcore video, 49-year-old Natalie Lorenz shows off her impressive sucking and fucking skills and ends up with a well-deserved facial. We'd take her any day of the week.

"I found 40Something through an agent who told me this is the best company in porn and a great place for my first experience," Natalie said. "You treat women like they're queens."

Well, first, Mr. Agent, thank you for sending Natalie our way, and, second, he's right. Of course, here, 22-year-old Peter cums on Natalie's pretty face. Is that our idea of treating a woman like a queen? Well, yeah, if she wants the cum, which Natalie did.

We also asked Natalie if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, "Yes. I'm not an exhibitionist. I never walk around topless or naked. I've never even sunbathed nude."

She's single and available. She likes kissing and sensual touching. She masturbates whenever she gets excited.

"It could be several times a day," she said.

And now hear this: We asked Natalie about anal sex, and she said, "I like the intensity of it. It's a whole different feeling."

Coming soon. For now, enjoy her first time. She did.

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Natalie Lorenz – Getting to know Natalie Lorenz

Getting to know Natalie Lorenz

Getting to know Natalie Lorenz

Here, Natalie Lorenz, a 49-year-old first-timer, sits down for an interview with the editor. Towards the end, she's joined by her stud, and he'll stay with her for the upcoming hardcore video. But for now, it's time to get to know Natalie. We're sure that after you get to know her, you'll want to have sex with her. What? You already want to have sex with her?

Natalie was born in New Orleans and lives in California. She's lived all over the world and done a lot of things. She's a beautiful brunette with a curvy body and nice tits. She likes movies, writing, cooking and baking. She once had sex with a young guy she met on an airplane. She'll tell you all about that in this interview.

We asked Natalie about her wildest sexual encounter, and she said, "On a balcony in Buenos Aires that was very close to the street. Anyone who looked up could've seen us."

Well, Natalie, now, anyone who comes to can see you, too.

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Mia Morgan – Mia fucks. Her hubby watches.

Mia fucks. Her hubby watches.

Mia fucks. Her hubby watches.

In this scene, 50-year-old Mia Morgan's real-life husband sits and watches in obvious distress as his hot wife sucks and fucks a porn stud. Mia has made a cuckold of him, and she delights in the idea. We're guessing hubby Mike will get over it in a hurry.

Tony, Mia's partner-in-cuckolding in this scene, is only the fourth man she's fucked in the past 30 years. So it's not like she makes a practice out of humiliating her husband.

"I was married for 27 years," Mia said. "Then I got divorced and married again."

As for how she ended up here, Mia said, "My husband said that I have mad skills and that I had to have been a porn star in my past, and we were just laughing and joking, and it just trickled down to where he said, 'You honestly could be.'"

So she did it. And how did she reward her husband? By cuckolding him in front of the entire world.

Nice lady. Very nice lady.

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Sally D’Angelo – Cum for Sally

Cum for Sally

Cum for Sally

It is a well-known fact that 61-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Sally D'Angelo loves cock and cum. Her horny face and big, fake tits were meant to be glazed. Her pussy was meant to be fucked and creampied. But never--and we mean never--has Sally been covered in as much cum as she's decorated with in these photos and the video.

"Oh, come on, boys," she says. "You know how I love the cum. I'm such a cumaholic. Give it to me."

She gets it and more. Sally is all alone in her personal cum chamber and yet the cum is flying from all directions like from a hose, coating her body, dripping from her mouth, tits, cunt and asshole. Meanwhile, Sally Slut is loving it and asking for more.

Watch her finger her cum-covered pussy and asshole. Watch the spunk drip from her bit tits and wet holes. Yes, this is a solo scene, but it's hot as blazes. Sally's scenes always are.

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Honey White – Honey White gets big black cock

Honey White gets big black cock

Honey White gets big black cock

A former Naughty Neighbors amateur girl, now a wife and MILF, 41-year-old Honey White returns for some big black cock in her second fuck scene at There's not much setup. Honey is horny. Her pussy is wet. Jax's cock is hard. Honey can tell because she has her hands all over it. Wild sucking and fucking ensues.

Honey was born in Arkansas and lives in Las Vegas, which seems much more her speed. She has green eyes and B-cup tits. She wants to go skydiving and skiing; she's never done those things. Someone should take her skydiving and fuck her on the way down. Or take her skiing and spend the whole time in the lodge. She's an exhibitionist. She's a swinger. Her sexual fantasy is to have sex in a beach cabana "while everyone's watching."

Sounds like a good porn scene.

This is a good porn scene. It's hot and filthy. Enjoy.

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Rita Daniels – Double-dipping BBC

Double-dipping BBC

Double-dipping BBC

Rita Daniels appreciates the finer things in life, and she's very excited when the movers show up with the artwork she ordered. She asks them to follow her up to her bedroom so they can hang it for her, but when she starts groping their crotches, the guys drop the painting.

Ooops. They're in trouble, right?

Wrong. Rita is upset, but she gets over it very quickly by taking out their cocks and sucking them. Before long, the movers are taking turns on her mouth and pussy, then her asshole, then they stop taking turns and stuff her pussy and asshole at the same time. This is Rita's second DP at and her first with big, black cocks.

Rita has been with us for a long time, and she always puts on a great show. Actually, it's not really a show. What we're seeing here is a 65-year-old MILF and GILF who loves cock loving cock. She talks dirty. She sucks sloppily. There's no such thing as dry sex when Rita's doing the sexing.

Next up for Rita: a three-way with Kim Anh and a very young stud.

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Jessica Torres – Jessica’s booty call

Jessica's booty call

Jessica's booty call

It's play time for 40-year-old Jessica Torres. Her husband just left, so she dials up her booty call and tells him to come right over. Not surprisingly, he does. Jessica is a hot, sexy MILF, and when she says, "I wanna fuck," you don't waste time.

Jessica doesn't waste time. Before long, she's having her pussy eaten, then she's sucking cock, then she's getting fucked, then she's jacking Carlos' spunk all over her face. Don't you love cheating wives?

Actually, Jessica isn't a wife. She's just playing one in this scene. She's a divorcee and mother of three. That'll do.

"My kids always tell me I dress pretty sexy for a mom," Jessica said.

Jessica likes men who are loyal, respectful, loving and romantic. She wants a guy who'll cook with the kitchen, she means. She wears thong panties. She has sex every day. When she calls, men come running. Can you blame them?

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Elektra – In the bush

In the bush

In the bush

Fringe benefits of being married to 50-year-old MILF Elektra Lamour.

1. You get to fuck her big tits.
2. You get to fuck her hairy pussy, which she hasn't shaved in 17 years. You can cum on her bush, too.
3. She'll bring home women for you to fuck.

Yeah, that's right. Elektra, who has fucked on-camera for nearly 18 years and has been an escort, too, figures if she can fuck other people, so can her husband. So she goes to bars and picks up women or buys him escorts.

Is that the secret to a happy marriage?

By the way, that 17-year-old pussy hair covering Elektra's cunt? It's nearly as old as the guy she sucks and fucks in this scene: Peter is 22.

Elektra was discovered by Nina Hartley. She got her start in porn by fucking Nina, Ron Jeremy, Lexington Steele and Rodney Moore, one at a time. That's a Hall of Fame of porn stars. She loves her hairy pussy.

"Guys say that a shaved pussy is just not natural and they feel like pedophiles," she said. "They just like a hairy pussy." Her husband won't let her shave it.

After a brief interview, Elektra lets Peter run his fingers through her bush. Then she sucks his cock. Then she fucks him. Peter has a happy ending. Elektra has a happy marriage. And we're all very happy to have her back.

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Amber Reiz – Anal revenge

Anal revenge

Anal revenge

Amber Reiz is getting revenge against her ex-husband. How is she doing that? By fucking a porn stud. Her ex wasn't good to her. Dumbass.

"Are you going to fuck me hard?" Amber asks.

"Real hard," Tony says.

Amber puts on an ass show. She has a nice, big, round ass. Then she puts on a sucking-cock show. Then she puts on a getting-her-pussy-fucked show. Then she puts on a getting-her-ass-fucked show. The show ends with cum in her mouth and all over her face. Oh, and did we mention that this Puerto Rican divorcee also talks dirty in Spanish? That's always a welcome extra.

How many women get revenge against their ex by getting ass-fucked on-camera? Not many. But they're always welcome at

Amber is 47 years old. She rarely wears panties. She's a mother and grandmother. She likes to dance, so brush up, men. We asked her what she considers sexy, and she said, "To me, sexy is a feeling you have inside and outside."

Amber, does that include feeling a cock in your tight asshole?

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Lexi Ambrose – Lexi’s first time

Lexi's first time

Lexi's first time

First, we get to know 53-year-old first-timer Lexi Ambrose in an interview. Lexi tells us about a lot of things, such as how she and 50Plus MILF Dallas Matthews suck and fuck the same cocks and how Dallas pointed Lexi in our direction.

Then, Lexi, a mother and grandmother, fucks a 24-year-old stud. That's good for the stud, good for us and good for Lexi, too, because she likes 'em young.

Lexi has a bare pussy. She doesn't shave it. She waxes it. Sometimes she sugars it. What does that mean? She tells us.

Lexi is a dental hygienist. Her perfect day, from beginning to end: waking up; having coffee; going shopping; lunch with friends; yoga; making dinner for a special friend; snuggling to a movie; hot, sweaty sex until she falls asleep.

And the next day? Rinse and repeat!

Lexi has three children and six grandchildren. Her body is little (although her tits are big) and tight. She likes women. Although she's a swinger, she doesn't like having sex with strangers.

Of course, Rion, the guy she's fucking in this scene, is a stranger. We're glad she made the exception.

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Michaela O’Brilliant – Busty Michaela cums hard

Busty Michaela cums hard

Busty Michaela cums hard

"For some reason, people always seem to remember me," 57-year-old Michaela said. Could it be because this German fuck toy has giant fake tits with pierced nipples and a multi-jeweled cunt that she loves to fill with fingers, dildos and cocks?

Here, Michaela is wearing a tight top and a tighter skirt. She can't wait to show off her tits, but she teases a bit because she knows that will be better for all of us. She's wearing stockings and heels. Soon enough, her tits come out and she shows off her pierced nipples, then her G-string comes off and she shows off her pussy. And then she fingers her pink fuck hole and cums hard. With her body and tats and piercings, Michaela reminds us a little of former porn star Donita Dunes, who sailed with The SCORE Group on Boob Cruise 2000.

"I liked having my nipples pierced so much that I knew I was going to get my pussy done next," Michaela said. "I know piercings are somewhat common these days, but I got mine over 15 years ago. Not many people had them then, and certainly not in Germany. I've always been ahead of the times in that sense. I also advocated for anal in the '80s, but my friends were all scared to try it. I was the first one of the bunch to love it, and eventually they followed my path."

Michaela gets ass-fucked elsewhere on You can enjoy that scene, or you can have her all to yourself.

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